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Monday, 1 April 2013

Melt Pot playtime...

Good morning all, happy April Fool's day. No tricks from me, just quite a long post, so you might want to get a cuppa!
Yes I've been having a little play with my melt pot :o)) I'm not totally up to speed with all that it can do as yet but I'm teaching myself, just like always lol. But I am totally addicted already!
I've been playing with colours to see what looks nice and what's not so good! I have a tub of clear UTEE and a few little pots of Cosmic Shimmer in different colours.

If you haven't used one yet it really is as simple as pouring the crystals in and watching them melt lol.

I've been digging through some old baking supplies looking for moulds and cutters to try with it. And I also picked up a couple in a discount store.

The silicone moulds are great, but as long as you use some sort of lubricant to help the shapes release inside the metal cutters, they work fine too. I'm just using an old versamark pad that my cats pinched from my desk and broke the lid to!

And these shapes must now be kept for craft use only! I promise I won't be popping them back in the kitchen to use for baking haha!

I've tried a few different shapes to see what works and how big you can go really. But for me the smaller sizes work best, but not too tiny lol.

This is one of my favourite moulds at the minute some little buttons. I can see these being used quite a bit on future cards.

And here's what they look like finished.

Just a bit cute lol. As you can see I've tried green, clear and purple so far.

The green was totally by accident. I had mixed a couple of different shades of blue with some clear, and it gave me a lovely teal colour, but the next time I heated it up it went green!

I forgot to take any pics of the teal colour lol, but I don't mind the green. What do you think to the little cameo's?

The hearts work really well and I can see an order for black and red embossing crystals being placed in the very near future ;-)

To finish with, a little bird and flower and then this cute little pendant that I made. Hope you like them.

If you have been toying with the idea of getting a Melt Pot, I do recommend it, but then again I do love new toys lol.
Thanks for stopping by, see you soon.

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