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Friday, 3 January 2014

Not a great start to the year

Good morning all. Hope all is well with you and that you have had a better start to the new year than our brother and parents have. They were going home on New Year's Day from visiting us when they were hit head on by another driver. Luckily John managed to swerve the car enough to take the major impact on the drivers corner rather than full head on and because of this they have all managed to walk away from it. Very bruised and extremely shook up but at least they are all in one piece.
The other driver didn't look so lucky and had to be stretchered off to hospital. We don't know yet how he is but hopefully he will be OK too. They say these things are sent to try us but my parents have more than enough going on at the minute without this as well! But if the love and support of family and friends can get you through then we know they will all be fine. 
Then to top the start to the new year off really well, my youngest granddaughter Isabelle came down with chicken pox yesterday!

Anyway that's enough rambling from me. How about something crafty? 

This is the card that I made for dad to send to mum for their wedding anniversary.
And this is the one I made for mum to send to dad. Lol. 
They were both done with Serif Craft Artist software on the computer and a couple of different digi kits. 
I don't use this often enough as you can make some really lovely cards with it. They are especially good if you want to post them. As you can get quite a lot of detail in without making the card too thick and heavy. 

Right that's all from me today. See you soon and thanks for dropping by again. 

Take care 

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