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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Craft room update

Good morning all, hope you are having a good week. Today I thought I would show you the progress we are making on updating our craftroom.

The room isn't huge, about 12' by 10', but not small either, but with two of us occupying the space it was starting to feel really overcrowded and cluttered. 

So we decided to have a little makeover, which turned into a not so little makeover, but we did resist the temptation to take down the wall and extend into the kitchen lol. 

As you can see it was just sort of gathered together before, nothing matched and we just used what we had for desks and furniture.

And squeezed as much as we could into the space lol. But we decided it was time for a change so chose some plain white cabinets and a walnut block worktop. 

New cabinets going in
We spent most of last weekend emptying the room, building and fitting new cabinets and then putting everything back in. 

two new workspaces, one each ;o)
As you can see the main DIY work is completed, but not the organising of everything into their new homes.

Lovely big cabinets to house all of our goodies.
But it is amazing that by just changing the colour of the furniture, how much lighter and brighter the room feels. 

shelves in desperate need of sorting!
We seriously need a sort out of some of the craft stuff, especially all those magazines that are just stored on top of the Ikea unit! But we will get there, a little at a time lol. 

Thank goodness for Ikea cabinets, they hold loads.
And yes, we do have a Bigshot, and an Ebosser, and a Grand Calibur and a Cuttlebug!!!! lol, well we did combine two craftrooms into one lol. 

Starting to take shape
It's still very much a work in progress, but we are enjoying seeing it take shape. 

Oh - more cluttered shelves, but we do have the odd couple of soft toys to look at too :o))
Hope you have enjoyed this little tour of our room. We will update the pics once it's completed.

Take care and I'll see you soon.


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