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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Upcycled place mats

Good morning all, hope you are well and enjoying a crafty weekend. Jude and I are off for a little crafty retail therapy today, just down to our local Hobbycraft and The Range. It's been a while since we went out shopping so we thought we would have a little 'look' today lol. 

Anyway today's project is a little bit of up-cycling. I had these old place mats that we have had forever and they have definitely seen better days. So someone suggested putting new pictures on them. 

I decided to try and do them for the grand kids, so I used my Craftartist software to design their names and then printed them out on to lightweight card. 

Once they were printed I ran them through my laminator to seal the pages.

Then I glued them on to the place mats with spray adhesive. 

Then Jude came up with the idea to decorate the edges with washi tape. 

So I gave her that job to do lol. 

Then I ran around the edge with a black marker pen to fill in any wear and tear. 

I ended up making 6, one each for our grandkids and one with all the family names on. They are now sat on my kitchen table ready for the next time the kids eat at ours. 

They have turned out really well, but I think when I do some more, I will look for a spray varnish and just put the card on and not laminate it. Then I might get a better seal around the edges. 

Hope you like them, take care and I'll see you soon.


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