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Monday, 7 January 2013

Good morning all...

I hope you have all had a good weekend. I've had a couple of days off from the blog leaving it in Jude's very capable hands. Actually I wish she would do it more often lol, her cards are so much nicer:)

Anyway I've been having a bit of a play this weekend too, not as much time in the craft room as Jude! but I have managed a couple of bits and pieces. I've been having a go at the tissue box, I have the base layer done so far. I know that's not a lot but it's a start lol. I'm now just a bit stuck as to what to add next. Anyway I will post pics as soon as I make up my mind.

I was going to show you a birthday card that I've just finished. It's all in purples, and using my new stamps which I love, but not today I'm afraid as Mr blogger isn't playing again and won't give me the option to upload pics from my PC which is where they are all stored! Grrrrrr......

I do hope these problems are sorted soon as I know it's getting on a few people's nerves.

So anyway I'll keep trying and will hopefully get some on later.

Yay, the good old mobile has let me add them, not very well but at least they are here!


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  1. I love your cards! We just have different styles which is how it should be. It would be boring if we did the same xx


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