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Friday, 13 February 2015

One year on

Good morning all, no card today folks, just a bit of my heart. It is one year today since we lost Dad. One minute it feels like forever and the next it feels like yesterday. I still miss him every minute of every day and still find myself wanting to tell him things or thinking Dad would like that!

 BUT,  life does go on, not easily a lot of the time, but it does go on. I am a very lucky girl that I have a very supportive husband and am surrounded by a very loving family. We are there for each other when times are good and bad, and that means a lot. 

I am incredibly proud of all my family with the way they have dealt with this huge loss, but most of all I am so in awe of my amazing Mum. She has coped incredibly well through a very trying eighteen months, with Dad's illness and then afterwards. She is amazingly strong while dealing with her own health issues, but is always there for everyone when they need her. I honestly do not know how this family would cope without her.

But I had better stop this now as she always reads the blog first thing in the morning and I will be getting a text very early telling me off for making her cry ;o)

We have had some good times lately too though, and one of the best was my son and daughter-in-law getting married on Wednesday. The day was absolutely brilliant and went really really well. They both looked gorgeous and are very happy. They are now on their way to Brazil on honeymoon for a couple of weeks, I bet it's beautiful.

I will just finish with I love you Mum and I hope you have a lovely weekend with your girlfriends, you deserve it. 


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