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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Happy 30th Birthday

Good morning folks, I hope you are having a good start to the week.  Today's card is one I made a couple of weeks ago when it was my daughter-in-law's 30th Birthday.

I took inspiration from a card I saw on Pinterest but then changed it to fit with the supplies I had. I love this dark blue/grey shimmery card. No idea where it came from or how long we've had it, but there was just a piece laying around in one of the scrap card boxes, that was big enough for what I needed.

I wrote the sentiments on the PC and printed them on the laser printer. Then I ran them through my Minc machine using some Platinum foil. I do like to do this every now and again, as I think the foil gives a really professional finish to a simple card.

I used a white linen card for the background and then found an odd piece of a dark blue linen ribbon for the centre. Then started the hunt for the brooch slide! I knew I had one left somewhere, but could I find it??? erm no, I had that craft room upside down looking for it. 

Eventually Jude came home and started helping, then just when we thought that we had both covered every single hiding place possible, did she find it in a really logical place. With the bows of course 😲😕. Yep with the bows, not with the ribbon, or twine, or charms, or any of the other 300 places that I'd thought to look, but with the bows. I really do wonder sometimes about my 'logical' brain. Lol 😜

Anyway, after all that, I fixed the brooch slider in place and backed the panel with some silver card and then added it all to a 6 x 6 card blank.

Hope you like it, take care and I'll see you soon.


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