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Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Day plus 2

Morning all.  Well Christmas has been and gone but the memories will last a lifetime.
We had a fabulous day with all our motley bunch of family - it was loud and mad and loud (have I said that?) but I wouldn't change them for anything.  Everyone had a lovely time; dinner was fantastic(big thanks to Daniel for all his hard work) and the kids had more toys than Hamleys!!
I spent Christmas Eve at my daughters so that I could see my beautiful granddaughter Keira open her gifts.  She did a deal with Father Christmas that she would give him her dummy for some presents - its working so far!  She hung it on the Christmas tree and it was gone in the morning to be replaced by so many parcels it was almost obscene lol.  Well she is only 2 and if we can't spoil her at Christmas then when can we?
Here she is trying on the new coat I bought her.
We are nearly through all the family cards we made so you won't have to suffer them much longer.  Today though I am sharing the card I made for Keira.
The image is from a Christmas cd rom we got last year and I just loved it.  The colours are traditional but muted and I felt they were great for a little girl. 
 I wrote the sentiment on the pc and printed it on cardstock.
 A close up of the layers.
 And the almost finished card.
 If you look closely at the previous pictures, you will see I smudged the ink when edging the sentiment, so I cut a sparkly heart to cover it :)
That's it for today.  TTFN Jude xx

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