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Monday, 24 June 2013

Craft Room Update

Good morning all!  Yes I'm back in the world again having been between abodes for the last few days, without proper access to my craft cave or study!
Leaving my old house hasn't been as big a wrench as I thought it would be.  In fact I've settled quite nicely in with Jen and Alan.  The cats are certainly at home although they still aren't brave enough to venture far from the craft room.
Over the last couple of days we've made a few changes in there.  The glass table from my kitchen is now an extra workspace and fits well into the room.
Alan has added a couple of shelves to start moving some of the newest additions up off the floor so we can actually get in there to craft! In fact I made a card last night for my niece whose birthday is next weekend. She shares it with Jen's son Daniel, and the day after is my son Edward's birthday, so lots of cards HAVE to be made this week lol.

We are all back to work tomorrow so we will be spending a few evenings this week finishing clearing the bungalow and unpacking the bags, boxes and suitcases which seem to be multiplying every day.
There is still alot to do as the whole house is over run but at least we are getting there -
Here are a couple more shots of the stash merger and once we are finished we'll share how it looks.

TTFN Jude xx

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