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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Keyring gifts

Good morning all and happy Tuesday. Well that weekend flew by quicker than I can spend money on craft ;o)) OK not quite but it went pretty quick. As Jude said yesterday Joe has eventually moved in to his new home, so we spent the weekend getting things sorted for the move. I saw Jude for a few mins last night and she assures me she is fine:o). It will be difficult these next few weeks while Joe gets settled and Jude finishes packing the house up to come to ours. But we will look after her and when she gets too mardy I'll pull her back into line as usual. Lol ROFL, I've never been able to do that so don't think it's likely to start now lol. 

Anyway enough waffling, these are the little gifts that Jude asked me to make for Joes school transport driver and escort. 
This first one was for Margaret, nice and girly,
and this one is for Bill.
I also made a couple of little gift boxes to put them in.
I don't make boxes very often but with the help of my Ultimate Pro they are really easy. So think I'll make a few more for little gifts instead of buying gift bags etc.
Anyway that's all from me today. Thanks for stopping by.
See you soon.


  1. "when she gets too mardy I'll pull her back into line as usual"
    Humph!! You can try lol 😘 xx

  2. Very clever and very gorgeous too :o) Hugs, Lisa x


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