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Saturday, 22 June 2013

No Cards, Cakes or Crafts, just CATastrophes!!!!!!!

Good morning all, hope the sun is shining where you are. We are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather today as Jude and my daughter K are doing the Race For Life this afternoon ;-)) So if it's fine I will take my granddaughters and grand puppy! over to cheer them on lol.
Well as you all know we have spent the best part of this week moving Jude from her house to live with me and my husband Alan in ours. What I don't think we've said is that the move includes two cats too! Well we bit the bullet and moved them on Thursday straight in to the study/craftroom that my two cats call home!
As of the time of writing this post there hasn't been any fighting lol but there is a lot of hiding going on. Mainly from my big tabby cat (Tigger), who I think now being the only male in a house of three female cats and a female dog is feeling a bit ganged up on ROFL.....
Anyway there hasn't been any time for crafting so I thought I would show you how the cats are getting on.
The two newcomers Cocoa and Ebony have been a little reluctant to come out of the room. They are still very unsure about Molly dog (although Molly is the gentlest dog you could ever hope for, and is brilliant with cats). But they did decide to have a little venture out of the window.....
This is queen Cocoa :-) she is in the running for the fattest cat in England I think, but anyway she was trying to decide whether to go out or not.???
Eventually she decided to go but kept checking back to make sure we were OK with it lol.

and then both Cocoa and Ebony made it as far as the bins ha ha ha. Since I took these pics, Ebony has been a bit braver and gone around the garden, but Cocoa has decided that inside is much better for now. Ah bless, I'm sure they will settle in and sort out the pecking order between them (that's if my cats will ever go back in the study again!) It's a pity that cats don't remember family as Cocoa is mummy to my two cats :o)) and believe me apart from Tigger's colouring they are very alike lol.
Right I shall leave it there, sorry for rambling today. Thanks for stopping by, see you soon.

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