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Monday, 28 July 2014

A little bit of altering

Good morning folks hope you are all well. As Jude said yesterday we have been busy helping my daughter and family to decorate their new home so we haven't had much time in the craft room. But I did manage to sneak in for a couple of hours yesterday. I was supposed to be making a card, but my daughter arrived with an armful of items that she wants altering to match her new decor!

So away went my card supplies and out came glue and hundreds of gems, sequins and flowers all in different shades of blue or clear. These are to decorate a mirror for the bathroom that K chipped while moving it.

Of course it had to be round didn't it? lol I'm sure square would have been much easier. But I had a go and it has turned out OK. I started off with the hot glue gun but it was just drying far too quickly for me to get the gems on. 

So I then changed to silicone glue, that was much easier to work with, but it does take much longer to dry. If I had any I would have preferred to use something like E6000 glue, it is really strong and dries much quicker. But in the end I went back to the hot glue gun and stuck the gems one at a time.

I just put the gems on as randomly as I could so it's not a set pattern. I wasn't sure at first whether to go around the whole frame or just cover the area with the chip. But I decided to go around the whole lot in the end, and just make it a bit thicker down one side to give a bit of shape. 

Anyway hope you like it and K too, lol.

See you soon, take care.


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