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Monday, 3 December 2012

eBosser update + yesterday's crafting...

I only realised earlier that I had never posted an update on the eBosser since that very first day I got it. I am very pleased to report that since those initial 'teething' troubles, it has been working perfectly. Once I had got it to release it's death-like grip on my card and dies, I realised that maybe I need to be a bit gentler with this machine!

I'm so used to my Bigshot - if the plates/card/dies sandwich is a bit too thick you just push a bit harder on the handle lol. But with the new one I need to be a bit more refined! I can tell you that is not easy for me, my motto is normally if it doesn't work hit it with something heavy :) anyway now that it is co-operating fully I am back to being a little bit in love with my new toy :)

Since I had the house to myself for a few hours yesterday afternoon I managed to get a bit of time in my craft room and tried to start ticking off some of those Christmas projects. But you know how it goes, I remembered I still had a birthday card to make for this week, then I got distracted on the computer, so in the end I managed just 1 Christmas card and 1 decoration!

This is the decoration I made for my nephew. It's just two pieces of felt cut out on the eBosser with a heart die, I stuck the edges together with craft glue, then stuffed the middle with some wadding from an old cushion. I sealed the rest of the edge and sewed in a bit of ribbon as a hanger and a small bow to the front. Then I used some more of my wooden letters to put his name on the front. I think It's really cute, what about you?


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