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Monday, 3 December 2012

WARNING - Lots of piccies

Following our little jaunt to Runcorn on Saturday, I had a full day playing in the craft cave on Sunday :)  I did have to tidy up first before I could do anything as my table looked like a tsunami had passed over it lol. 
Anyway I did a couple of cards [can't share them as they are top secret ;)] and then I took a pile of random bits and challenged my self to make something pretty. 
This is what I started with -

 And this is what I ended up with -  

I ripped up a few sheets from my botanicals paper pad [not sure whose make it is] and papier mached them on to a heart cut from a cereal box.  I then used an assortment of flower and leaf dies to make up the flowers. 
Now not being able to resist fiddling I then picked up this............. 

and this is how it finished up! 

Probably a bit heavy on the purple mister but I like it and it's now hanging on my bedroom door. Hope you like it too.
Jude x

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