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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Baby snuggles

Welcome crafters.  Hope you're week is going well so far.

At the weekend Jen and I went to visit the newest member of the family, Master Seth.  Our cousin Sarah and her husband Scott were blessed with a beautiful little boy a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately due to illness we haven't been able to visit, but we made up for it!
He's rather yummy, tiny, cute, squidgable (that's a real word where babies are concerned, lol) and unfortunately very like several other family members!  His Mummy and Daddy think he's beautiful anyway, but I'm hoping he'll grow out of it ;)  

Anyway we took along a card and a gift for Mummy, who is looking surprisingly well following the rather traumatic birth.  Seth was well on his way when he got stuck and an emergency section had to be performed.  Thankfully both he and Sarah were fine, just a little shocked by how quickly things can change.

Anyway on to the card.  The idea came from a card I spotted on Pinterest, and I adapted the style to suit a little boy.  
I was going to put something like "if you think these wheels are expensive just wait until I'm 17 and I ask for a car!", but decided against it lol.

I love these Kaisercraft rub-ons, as you can make loads of sentiments from them.  Like this.........

....and this.............

and this!  This is a whole piece but you can cut up some of the sheets to make individual sections which makes them far more versatile.

So that's my make for today.  Hope you like it.

TTFN Jude xx

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