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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Canvas part one

Morning all. Sorry we're a bit late today - life has a habit of getting in the way!  I'm waiting for news from the funding panel for Joe's care package when he moves into his bungalow. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

As a moving in present I am making a large canvas for the hallway. I took a standard prestretched canvas and painted it black. 

I then took pieces from the Docrafts Chronology 6x6 paper pad and cut different sized pieces to cover the whole canvas. 

The nest step was to paint a thin layer of antique white acrylic lightly over the papers. I then took a soft black pencil and outlined the edges of the papers. 

A top coat of matte medium seals the papers ready for the next stages. But like any good saga that's where I will leave it for today lol. 

I'm off shopping for my dads birthday tea this evening, so probably won't get anymore done on my canvas today. I'll catch you all soon. 

TTFN Jude xx

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