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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Special K

Happy Wednesday! 

Hope the weather is better with you than here in not so sunny Sheffield. It was lovely at the weekend but yesterday was grey and rainy. A total contrast to the same date last year which was a lovely 25C. I remember that as it was a gloriously hot day for Izzy Lou's birth. 

I'm still waiting a decision on the funding for Joe's care so no closer than last week but fingers crossed we hear something today!

Today's project to share is a cardboard letter I started decorating for Keira. The basic letter was painted with several coats of white acrylic to provide a base for the stamping. 

I took a tissue and stamped on my chosen design with pigment ink. The layers of tissue are then separated and the design torn out of the sheet. A layer of pva was applied to the letter and the tissue laid on top. Another cost of glue seals the image to the base. 

I used several different stamps and coloured inks to cover the letter base. 

I also added Keira's name. 

This technique works on any surface, particularly those that aren't flat like a bottle or vase. I think it's very easy but effective. What do you think?

TTFN Jude x

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