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Friday, 3 May 2013

Time for.....

a tidy up?

Morning folks I think it might be time I give my craft room a clean. What do you think?
I've been busy with decluttering,  packing and Joe's many hospital visits and have spent no time in there at all.  The only time I've wandered in is to drop off items found in other rooms (!) or to pick up the large canvas I need to start.  I'm making something for Joe's new home which I'll share once it's complete.

I'm ashamed of the state the craft cave is in but as I said I'm not spending any time in there to tidy it up. I figured showing it to you will keep me accountable as you can nag me until it is clean again lol.

I've got to pack it all up ready for the move which is now only 4 weeks away so I need a push. Sharing it with you will hopefully be that push.

Who else is brave enough to share their workspace with us all? Look forward to seeing your pictures.

TTFN Jude x


  1. Right, time to get sorted I think hahahahaha xxx

  2. Volunteering your services? Lol xx

    1. Yes! I'll come and get it sorted lol xxx


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