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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Colour reference file

Morning all.  It was a funny day yesterday where it appeared I was busy all day but nothing got done!  You know the kind of day.  As a consequence last night when Jen said to me "have you blogged?" I had absolutely nothing to share with you.
I disappeared into the craft room to find something but failed miserably lol.  Instead I thought I'd show you a project we have started that will be a great resource for us when finished.  It is a colour swatch book.
We have loads of Promarkers, Flexmarkers and Spectrum Noirs and we wanted a record of what we have and what they look like.
This all came out of a tutorial Jen was following on how to shade skin.  The creator of the video had one of these reference files and we thought it was a really good idea so adapted it to use what we had available.
The base is a blank cardboard scrapbook and Jen created an A5 page of boxes for us to colour and name.
We have started with the Promarkers but will move on to the others soon.  Each page is actually too large for the book but we intend to fold the pages to fit.
I'm sure this will come in very useful as we try to learn how to colour our images better.  We'd love to know if any of you have a colour reference file also.
TTFN  Jude xx

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