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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Doll's House update

Happy Saturday folks!  Today is the first day of my 2 weeks annual leave and I'm so looking forward to it; although by the time I go back it will be September ! The year is flying by.
You may remember a few months ago I posted pictures of the doll's house I bought for my granddaughter.

The intention was to paint the exterior and style all the rooms.  Monday is Keira's 2nd birthday so today it is time for the big reveal.
The house now looks like this...............

You spotted the difference didn't you?  No??
Ok I'll tell you - THERE ISN'T ANY!!!!  Yes, I haven't done any of the things I wanted to do with it.  No paint, curtains, wallpaper...........nothing!
I moved the house with me to Jen and Alan's and it has sat undisturbed ever since.  Well apart from being moved out of the living room and into the study after Jen got fed up of it gathering dust and getting in the way lol.
I have had the best of intentions and always intended for it to be ready to play with in time for her birthday.  She can play with it but it doesn't look very pretty, does it?
I may be doing lots of painting and sanding this weekend so wish me luck.
TTFN Jude xx

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