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Sunday, 18 August 2013

This, that and the other

Good morning crafty friends. I do hope you are enjoying the weekend. I have a few bits and pieces to share with you today, hence the title. lol.
I have been doing my fair share of crafting but as it is a special little lady's 2nd birthday tomorrow (Jude's granddaughter/my great niece) I can't share any of it yet ;-/
So I thought I would show you a couple of the bits that I am working on and some jewellery that I have made this week.
Firstly, while we were at the Craft Festival last weekend, we picked up a couple of bits that we haven't tried before. One of these is a flower loom. I had never even heard of it but Jude assured me that she had seen the result of some and that they looked really nice. So anyway, we splurged a whole £1 (lol) on a really cheap little plastic one, and I gave it a whirl on Friday.
I have to say for a first attempt, I'm pretty pleased with this little flower.
I know it could do with some tidying up, but I have only watched two videos on YouTube, so I'm pretty impressed lol. So I will definitely be trying again.
The jewellery has been made using some of the new beads that I also picked up last week.

 This bracelet is a really heavy piece, those silver ball beads really do have some weight to them. Hence none on the earrings!

and finally, my daughter cam home from holiday the other day all raring to go and re-decorate their bedroom! So off they went shopping for bits and pieces and the result is the bedroom is going from red, white and blue, to teal, white and silver!!!
So on Friday evening she arrived at mine with these photo frames and said do something with them so that they match the new colours! (I did try to tell her that they were already white so already matched perfectly lol, but she wasn't haven't any of it).

So they are now adorning the work bench along with some Teal and Silver supplies ready to try and bling them up a bit, wish me luck.
Right that's more than enough from me today. Enjoy the rest of your weekends.
See you soon, take care

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