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Friday, 2 August 2013

Melt pot frame.

Good morning all. I only remembered last night that I had never shared my frame with you from the meltpot workshop that we did with Hels last month! 

All of these different craft projects lately must have muddled my brain a bit ;o)) or it could be the fact that I'm 85 years old apparently! humph the cheek of it (and I didn't even get a card!), but at least I'll always know that Jude is much older than me ;o)) ROFL ha ha ha. 

Anyway this is the frame that we altered and decorated. I didn't quite finish mine on the day as a couple of the things that I had made with the meltpot I wanted to use as a mould at home to make some more :o)). (See not all that muddled lol) ha ha. 
So the eagle eyed amongst you will notice that it changed a little. I finished it later adding a couple of items from our craft stash and decided to leave off the little owl from the original and use him as a keyring instead.

Hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by. See you soon.


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